After a merge of the East African and Southern African Coca Cola Business Unit, to form SEABU, a necessary convention was held to bring all senior managers together to review the new strategic direction for the Business Unit. The 2018 SEABU Bottler Convention brought together over 200 senior managers from 16 countries for a 3 day convention. As this would be the first event for the newly formed Business Unit and the newly appointed BU President, the convention needed to be engaging and memorable. With a finger on the pulse of event trends we set out to ‘Unconference’ the conference, designing a 3 day experience that was unique, engaging and more importantly set the tone for the business in 2019.



The achievement can be summed up in the response from the BU President Bruno Pietracci “Thank you for putting your hearts and souls into making this convention a huge success.” In a mere 6 weeks EXP Events pulled off an ACTION packed conference that required full 360 event architecture - from creative conception and design, travel logistics of attendees, convention conceptualisation, build and execution along with 3 bespoke evening events that all needed to speak to the specific brands associated with the client. The event created a platform for attendees to engage, share information and have fun, creating a conference that was unforgettable. 

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