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The MTN8 2021 tournament was the second campaign in the history of the MTN8 to be held under Covid-19 lockdown regulations like the 2019 tournament. The tournament began with matches being played without fans in the stadium. 

It also started in August which has become known as its traditional window. The 2021 MTN8 edition was launched in early August, with the first match kicking off on 12 August and the final on 30 October 2021. 

Due to the four South African teams participating in CAF-related club matches, this resulted in the MTN8 2021 tournament being an extra long 12-week campaign. This required the MTN8 2021 strategy and activation plans to be robust and ensure that our fans were kept engaged over this long, extended campaign period. 


  • Revenue increased by 441%. 

  • PR completed 401 interviews in 2021! 

  • Increase in Wafa Wafa brand value by 2 928%. 

  • Launched the new Last Legend Standing and revamped the media league by launching the Last Media Team Standing tournament. 

  • The integration of MTN FC content into the MTN8 was a success as it was fresh live content that drove the campaign message on all social media platforms.

  • The integration of the MTN sponsorship properties by having the MTN Joyous Celebration choir perform the national anthem was a first for both the tournament and the PSL. 

  • More than 47 000 winners for the 2021 MTN8 campaign, which was greater than the 22 000 from 2020. 

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