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MTN Joyous Celebration




Shape and create a renewed vision of what the MTN sponsorship could mean for Joyous Celebration and its audience. 



  • Finding a way to make MTN stand-out in the much-loved gospel genre 

  • Finding a way for a talent search to mean something more than the usual expectations

  • Finding a way to get people involved. 



Joyous Celebration is the brainchild of the industry's heavyweights - Lindelani Mkhize, Jabu Hlongwane and Mthunzi Namba. Since its inception in 1994, MTN Joyous Celebration has always been about the people - its aim was to create and establish a project that would uplift and heal the nation.


Not only was it a concept inspired by and born out of the peaceful transition in which the people of South Africa embraced their hard-won democracy, but it has also been about celebrating and showcasing our very own young talent.


Never did the founders imagine that 21 years later, the concept would be stronger, richer and very much alive - largely spurred on by the massive support for the brand across the globe. The name Joyous Celebration is a multi-award-winning gospel project that produces dynamic singers and musicians and their work has been felt all over the world. In addition, this household name has now become synonymous with Gospel music within South Africa and beyond.

  • 44 224 – Hits on the entries platform landing page

  • 8 910 - Submissions received

  • R1.3 million media value

  • 125 000 – New subscribers to the MTN Joyous Celebration channel on Ayoba. 

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