The National Arts Festival is the biggest festival of its kind in Africa and second in the world, creating a multi-disciplinary / sensory experience appealing to a diverse group of people. Our challenge was to create an experience that would appeal to this diverse group of people who appreciate different art forms, from visual art to dance and music. It was in this diversity that we found our campaign solution. Each individual views art in a different way, so our solution allowed people to express their different appreciation of art through our campaign, #ART_IS. Through our activation, we created an engaging experience that invited people to share what #ART_IS, by drawing, singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument. With the help of well known artists from various disciplines, we brought people together to share in their passion for art, express their artistic talent and unearthed a few hidden artists. 


  • Our activation attracted over 9000 attendees to the Standard Bank activation at Village Green

  • 1800 unique art pieces created by the public

  • Over 900 000 unique users reached on facebook and twitter and 73 689 engagements

  • 27 346 views on a single youtube video and 200 stories reaching an audience of 36.8 million

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